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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  October 31, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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stafford sheriff's deputy. now that deputy hadn't lived there in morn a year. the woman who does live there thankfully wasn't hurt. that was the first of three attacks, shortly after the crime spree moves into stafford county where the second blast took place at a home in the kings grant subdivision. it's believed that's where the detective lived. then after that, the third pipe bomb attack. this time at a house in the country ridge subdivision, it's believed that's where stuart's ex-girlfriend lived. now again, no one was hurt in any of these explosive attacks and investigators say stuart had an ax to grind with law enforcement officers stemming from two cases earlier this year where he was charged for indecent exposure and a second case involving a domestic violence dispute. that one involved the third victim in these attacks his ex- girlfriend. >> he's made three bombs and he's deployed them. i don't know anything more vicious than that and especially going after a police officer. i don't care what his record is and i don't think anybody in this room care what is the record is. -- cares what the record is. these specific acts, three in the last two days?
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are of the utmost seriousness to my agency and to the law enforcement community. >> reporter: back out live herei can tell you all officials on hot pursuit of the suspect. they want him off the street and they need your help. he's facing a long list of charges including several counts of attempted murder on law enforcement officials in one count of using a weapon during a terror act let's get a picture up on the screen for id. take a look at this. the us, take a look at this. he is more than likely on the run in -- now i want to let you know authorities believe that this suspect is packing these bombs in the car. if you come across him they're asking that you do not approach him. call authorities immediately and stay away from him. he's believed to be arms and dangerous the car they're saying is packed with explosives and he has the
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capability and the will to strike again. so again we're talking about a very dangerous guy. and police, authorities all need him off the streets right now. back to you guys. >> ken, i have to ask you quickly, was it just the fact that he had the common link with the three victims that led them to this particular man? >> reporter: right, and they wouldn't -- elaborate much on the investigation as to why they were led to him. but that's one of the things that investigators mentioned. they said once they figured out who these attempted targets were the two officers and the girlfriend, they were able to piece the puzzle together and they figured out that this was e guy they're looking for. >> all right, ken molestina thank you in stafford. lesli? new york and new jersey are taking stock of overwhelming devastation left from superstorm sandy. >> some of the worst damage is along the jersey shore where floods and outages prompted governor chris christie to postpone halloween. alison harmelin is in atlantic city. >> reporter: anita, a clear sunny day here at the jersey
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shore only made it so much more evident that the destruction is everywhere. president obama arrived in new jersey for a closeup look at the damage. the president took a chopper tour with governor christie over devastated areas of the state where superstorm sandy hit with full force. record storm surge took out atlantic city's boardwalk. in the tiny beach community of long port, new jersey, the storm surge brought the beach literally right onto the main street. there are feet and feet of sand piled up as if it were a snowstorm. they came out bikes to see the devastation. >> never saw sand like that. that's due to the storm surge i think. >> reporter: further up the jersey shore this is what's left of the famous boardwalk in seaside heights. the storm lifted homes off their foundations and crumpled up boats. in the town here, fires continued to burn, on a stream of natural gas leaks.
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in hoboken, residents are trapped in their homes and waiting for rescue. the water has no place to go. >> you know we'll just take time before it eventually works its way out of the area or it has to be pumped out. >> reporter: newark airport reopened. but millions of homes remain without power and streets are canals be while the rebuilding is already underway. new jersey knows it may never be the same. some small signs here in atlantic city of recovery. a few convenience stores are opening on generator power and a few casinos have said they may reopen this evening or tomorrow. the governor christie has said that those millions of people still without power may have days or even weeks to wait until the power is fully back on. in atlantic city, i'm alison harmelin, back to you anita. >> so much damage. okay allison. thank you. meantime in new york city, there are signs the big apple also back to business. kennedy airport reopened today but laguardia still underwater. commuter buss are running and limited service on commuter rail lines has resumed and
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service of many subway lines is expected to start up again tomorrow. still traffic in manhattan near gridlock everywhere. crews are pumping water from roads, tunnels and subways but the mayor says it's going to take time for the city to ever get back to normal. resort and beach towns all up and down the jersey shore are still underwater today and our bruce johnson is in bell mar, new jersey where residents are starting to assess all the damage. >> reporter: this is bruce johnson and this is bell marbling new jersey. two day -- bell mar, new jersey, two days after sandy tore through here with winds of 08 and 930 miles per hour and most of the streets still look like this, covered with waterment at one point the water was so deep it was coming up to peoples' waists. a lot of people have found that boating is the best way do get around here. >> take it one day at a time. now just make the best of it right? >> reporter: we're doing fine. >> reporter: this is unbelievable and then we live here with my grandmother too. she's been in bell mar for 80 years and never seen anything like it. >> ifyou live in bell mar,
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leave this area. you are not allowed to be down here. >> reporter: the bell mar historic boardwalk about a mile and a half long, it's all gone today. >> never seen anything like it before. irene nothing even close. i went to the beach yesterday and it was like a tornado went through. i've never seen anything like it. i walk it every day. >> i've never seen anything like that. we've been through the storms the the nor easters and been through the blizzards but this one they said it was going to be really bad and it certainly was. >> reporter: bell mar emergency responders have been in the flood waters pulling people from their homes. >> staging ambulances over here and they get in their boats and go out and kayak out and motor out to wherever and pick up whoever needs help. >> reporter: the governor is urging patience -- is going to get the people understand -- >> oh, yeah. yeah. i think this town is resilient. and it's been through some stuff. so we know to sit and you know,
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follow directions. >> reporter: bruce johnson reporting from new jersey. >> could have been us. and there was a series of natural gas fires on the jersey shore town of brick township this morning. but nobody was hurt they tell us. closer to home dominion virginia power is trying to get the last of its customers back online and as of this hour there are more than 8,000 still in the dark in northern virginia. surae chinn is at one of the site where is the crews are working sites where the screw crews are working. >> reporter: the power crews have been working around the clock and here right now on georgetown pike here in the mclain area. we were earlier on lieu wansville road in also the mcclain area just getting everyone backen line and back on the grid here. and contractors from out of state working hard. at one point there were 1500 customers in the area off this road there were 300 people that still needed to be back on the
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grid. they just gave me notice that they reenergized the lines so they're just gathering here and going back out to another job. they have about 8,000 as you mentioned more to go. but they are working hard to get everyone back online. >> make sure you don't remove any of our personal -- >> reporter: it's a welcome sight to residents after sandy's destruction. >> what we have here is what was a real quagmire. >> reporter: the more damage the longer the outage and the wait for repairs. >> i feel like -- >> reporter: waiting anxiously is agnes, bundled upped is on day two out -- up and on day two without power. four days in the dark during the derecho. >> we went down to local starbucks and filled up all the electronics with electricity to get homework done.
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>> how cold is it? did you get your homework done? >> reporter: she heard the moment it all went dark. >> boom and then again boom. >> reporter: at the height of the storm a tree came crashing down taking a pole 12 spans of wires and 20 of the cross arms it's pretty heavy about 45 pounds and now the crew is busy trying to replace every single one of them. >> the restoration here pretty much typifies some of the more labor intensative-type of work that needs to be done. >> reporter: whe agnes tries to keep some food on ice she and her neighbors know it could have been worse. all they have to do is look back several months ago. >> we -- like everybody. what can we do? >> we actually thought we could lose as many as a million customers. as it towns out we lost about 200,000. well really dodged a bullet with this one. >> reporter: dominion virginia power has set the deadline for thursday night so they have yet
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one more day to get everyone back online. a lot of these crew members are actually from north carolina, south carolina and they've been given notice that many of them may be anticipating to go up north to our neighbors in new york and new jersey. live here off old dominion drive and georgetown pike, back to you. >> they say by tomorrow. 8,000 people and us. we're all counting on them to do. anita? lesli, in frederick county, flood warnings are expected to expire overnight. but there are still plenty to see along the potomac and the monocacy river. scott broom is in brunswick tonight which took a nasty punch from sandy. scott? >> reporter: it did, hey, listen, here's one of the sites to see. -- the sights to see. the potomac river behind many i here on the banks here of -- me here on the banks of brunswick is up to the city of brunswick here. now the good news is it's dropping but the river came
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quite close to the canal tow path here in town. downstream at point of rocks, the potomac crested today at 18.1 feet. 2 feet above flood stage. >> seen a lot worse. >> reporter: but not so much when it comes to wind damage here. brunswick was hit particularly hard by sandy. >> yeah i'm just thankful the garage stood up and didn't take out more than it did. >> reporter: the elementary school was closed today because of no power. >> pretty devastating. >> reporter: fire department president was not immune to problems himself including a flooded basement. >> lots to clean up, leaves everywhere, trees, tree limbs. flooded basements. you name it. >> reporter: meanwhile elsewhere workers watched the monocacy river today closely still trying to keep motorists from trying to cross flooded roads. the river dropping now after cresting in frederick.
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the good news again is that the flood warnings here at frederick county on both the monocacy and potomac behind me are set to expire tonight and both rivers are dropping. but the clean-up will continue in hard hit places like brunswick. reporting live in brown rick, frederick county, scott broom, 9news now, the first day back to class after sandy turns tragic in montgomery could be when a teenager leaves her live on the way to -- life on the way to school. >> also ahead early voters get their first chance to cast their ballots since shut down for sandy. >> now that sandy is long gone the real work begins. if you have clean-up questions about your insurance coverage we have a panel of experts ready to answer your questions, call (202)895-5560. we'll be back.
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we survived the frightening wind and rain of hurricane sandy. just in time for halloween. but filing a claim with your homeowners' insurance company can be even more scary and sometimes a little confusing. so if you've got a question, call our insurance phone bank at (202)895-5560. we have assembled a team of experts to answer your questions including agents from joseph mccarton insurance. and i want to welcome back call for action advocate shirley rooker and shirley let's talk about some of the questions that you anticipate receiving this evening. >> it's going to be floods, trees falling on houses, falling on cars, who's responsible. who pays for it. >> okay so a lot of questions and you all have prepared to answer those. what are the first things you say homeowners should have after this kind of event is an insurance checklist and let's put that up on the screen and we can talk about it just a bit. the first thing you say people need to do is assess the damage at their homes? they need to fully read their contract and then call the
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agent. why in that order? >> well, basifiers off if you don't know what the damages are what are you going to say to the agent? if you don't know what's in your contract what are you going to say to the agent? if you can go outside make a list and see what's been damaged if you can figure it out yourself, fine. check that contract. because it may or may not be covered you may not even -- you may save yourself a call. but then by all means call your agent. not necessarily to file a claim. but for an information conversation. that's exactly right. >> some background and intelligence. all right our panel of experts is going to be here. they're going to take your questions throughout our newscast and all the way until 6:30 with any questions you have in mind. the number to call is (202)895- 5560. they are here and ready to help. derrick and >>all right. >> thank you. okay bunding these kids up? >> yes and yo, i mean i've had costumes where you sweat like crazy.
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>> how about a crayola crayon box going out there? she might need a few layers. >> let's talk about that right away. here's the trick-or-treat forecast. i've even carved a pumpkin yet. just kind of behind. >> look at that. >> yeah, i think -- we're going to be dr i have to keep this slight chance of a shower in but cool 6:00 about 52. 7:00 about 50. 8:00 ghoulish. temperatures in the upper 40s. so mainly in the mid 40s to low 50s depending on when the kids go out if they go out you know later it will be a little bit cooler. all right, sandy's snow check this out. this is up in garrett county. justver the divide in a place called fittinger, maryland. francine sent this into us this afternoon. those are cars i believe underneath the snow and it's still going to snow a little bit tonight and a little bit tomorrow. all right river flooding good news here actually. erica talked about this at noon. the monocacy currently is about 16 feet. flood stage is 13 but it's now going to fall below fort hood stage shortly so -- flood stage
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sortly and the river is receding. on the potomac, point of rocks really not that bad. below flood stage by 8:00 tomorrow and it never went superfar above flood stage about two feet earlier today. now down closer to town, wisconsin avenue by the georgetown, flood stage is 6 feet. cresting about 8 feet tonight. at abo 8:00. we are expecting moderate flooding there and we'll keep you posted on that. nothing historic though. michael & son weather camera live, looking out over virginia. and we have some clouds around. 53. winds are still out of the south-southwest at 9 and you would think that was warm winds and usually it is but not now. and it's hard to believe that this time last week, we were 84 degrees. yeah. all right, here's the radar. most of the rain and showers in the mountains, most of them will stay in the mountains, there's your snow approaching garrett county again, we're going to have continuing waves of showers and snow showers information mountains and once in a while one will creep over the mountains but for the most part just a lot of clouds tonight. 350 in bethesda and 51
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rockville. 58 up in gaithersburg. 52 in burke and looking at 53 in college in park and 51 out to laurel. and 51 also out to olney and brookville. chilly for the trick-or- treaters, temperatures 46 to about 52. have to keep the chance of a sprinkle in. mainly a dry commute tomorrow. that's nice. kids will need a jacket again in the morning with the 30s and 40s. and you'll probably need sunglasses too for part of the day tomorrow. tonight partly to mostly cloudy and breezy can cold and maybe a shower -- and scold and maybe a shower. -- cold and maybe a shower. winds west southwest at 150 to 15. now tomorrow morning becoming partly sunny breezy and chilly. i would grab a jacket in the morning, not take an umbrella. just a jacket. temperatures in the 30s and los and winds southwest southwest at 10 to 15. by afternoon partly sunny breezy and school and maybe a shower and high temperatures around 55 and winds westerly at about 10 to 15. so let's talk about the zone forecast then. oakland 33. snow shower.
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44 in cumberland. 49 in hagerstown. not quite 50. maybe 52 though in mar tensburg. 54 warrenton and 55 fairfax and partly sunny and partly sunny downtown and into southern maryland. and also up 270. mid 50s pretty much across the board. it's got a slight chance of a sprinkle then and there are some advisories for the bay and tidal potomac. just a little bit breezy tomorrow. green green and green the next three days, hallelujah. 54 tomorrow and 55 on friday and 52 on saturday. notice sunshine increases. the next seven days, we actually have changed the weekend just a little bit. we're looking at actually okay on saturday. the terps are in town. okay? that will be a nice game and temps will be okay. sunday, the redskins in town. clouds come in and there's a slight chance of a shower but i think it will be postgame and more showers on monday and cooler. election day right now some clouds and 52. and then well, i'll put a drop in there on wednesday. more mountain snow showers on wednesday and temperatures in
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the low 50s. there you have it. slowly but surely sandy is leaving us alone. but not out of here completely until friday. >> thank you top. >> exactly. bye bye. coming up the woman known as octo-mom checks herself into rehab apparently having 14 kids a little stressful. who knew? >> but up next, mitt romney returns to the campaign trail while vice president biden stumps for president obama. >> and we want to let you know 9news now is teaming up with the red cross to donate to victims of sandy. all you have to do is "like" us on facebook and we will donate $1 to the american red cross sandy relief fund. we'll be right back after the break.
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with president obama off the campaign trail right now because of hurricane sandy, both vice president biden and republican presidential candidate mitt romney are trying to shore up votes in the battleground state of florida. >> a brand novar via shows romney has slunk the president's lead in florida to just a single point. he avoided directly attacking the president. the vice president had no problems hammering the republican ticket for not giving straight answers.
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>> with these guys everything depends. it depends on the audience you're talking to. >> i don't just talk about change; i actually have a plan to execute change. and to make it happen. >> and at today's rally romney asked the supporters to donate to the red cross. president obama will be back on the campaign trail tomorrow with stops in wisconsin, nevada and colorado. lesli? early voting centers reopened in maryland today after being closed during the hurricane. prince george's county executive baker and other local leaders stopped by in landover today. the wayne curry sports and learning center is one of five early voting locations in the county. governor o'malley extended early voting hours because of sandy and those centers in maryland are now open from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. today through friday for early voting. early voting sites in the district also reopened today and those hours have been extended. the polls are open from 8:30 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. today through saturday.
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the d.c. board of elections says extra voting equipment has been added at all of the locations because they expect long lines. in person absentee voting hours have also been extended in northern virginia. for the complete list of voting locations, go to our website. so that big storm sandy had a lot of local kids really worried. but halloween will go on as scheduled in communities across the area. >> that's right we're live here in columbia heights and we've got a parade right behind me coming through. coming up after the break i'm going to show you one of my favorite costumes and why that one would make you go ooh ooh. that story coming up. >> i'm julie wolf. less than a mile from seneca valley high school, one of their students was struck and killed while walking to school. coming up we talk to her mom and her best friend, how they want her to be remembered. >> and the sandy left a -- if sandy left a mess at your home and you have some insurance questions, we have some experts here to help.
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the number of to call (202)895- 5560. that's (202)895-5560. we'll be back.
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tragedy this morning in montgomery county. a 15-year-old girl hit by a car and killed. >> it was early in the morning, it was still dark outside and the driver apparently did not see her. julie wolf has the story from
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seneca valley high school in jermantown. >> that's my best friend. i didn't want her to go. it hurts. >> just good girl. >> reporter: gwendolyn ward shouts over the traffic at the intersection where her daughter died. >> she was just a very happy individual. she got along with everyone that got along with her. >> reporter: just after 7:00 a.m. a car with the green light struck and killed 15-year-old christina morris-ward. investigators believe she had already crossed these four lanes of traffic, was here at the median trying to finish crossing when she was struck. the tenth grader was headed to school at seneca hall val lee high. >> she cared deeply for her friends and they're going to remember her as a quiet peaceful, peace making person. >> reporter: her best friend walked that same route. >> they're really dangerous like people -- they just -- you know pedestrians have the right of way but usually they just
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go. it hurts a lot. over at my house sleep overs. and you're going over to her house. everything -- >> reporter: in jermantown, julie wolf. 9news now. a nightmare on the beltway this morning in silver spring because of a deadly crash near new hampshire avenue this morning on the outer loop. investigator say a man was stopped on the beltway when he slammed or he slam -- he was slammed into by a second car and a truck. now he was killed and neither of the other drivers were hurt and all of the lanes of the outer loop were blocked for a time. and traffic was backed fun all the way -- up all the way past the i-95 split in college park. well twa ware john -- the washington regional alcohol program says 40% of all traffic deaths on halloween today, are caused by drunken drivers. so it is once again offering
5:33 pm
its halloween sober ride program. from 10:00 tonight until 4:00 tomorrow morning, anybody 21 years old or older calling from the d.c. area can get a free cab ride home up to $35 worth. 465 people took advantage of the program last year. so the number to call 800-200- taxi. that's (800)200-8294. >> hope people take advantage of that. people, it will be a happy halloween tonight for tens of thousands of area children who were holding their breaths that sandy wouldn't ruin the night of trick-or-treating. nick monticello joins us live. a lot of folks behind you nick. >> reporter: it's kind of like moths to a light at this point. the camera man there, these kids are having a great time in fact i don't think they even know what superstorm sandy is. so this is kind of an idea to get all the kids out here and one location and a safe spot.
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they start about a block down on 11th street here and currently at 11th and park in the columbia rights here, it's a one -- heights here, it's a one stop shop. across the street a dog costume contest and in fact i think i saw a little beagle here walking around as a frog. not sure really how that works out. the kids are having a great time and going into the commercial i told you about my personal favorite. he's right here. where's my pills bury doe boy? how cute is this. hi charlie. so this is all homemade right? >> my mother-in-law made it for him. >> reporter: does he have any idea what's happening right now? >> he has no idea. >> reporter: i want to bring in jeff the organizers of this entire event. and jeff i was talking to the other person who kind of put this together. and it seems like this isn't the best neighborhood to trick- or-treat in and you wanted a safe alternative right?
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>> absolutely and every business has been so wonderful. they're really excited to be part of the community. and to help the kids out and have a great day. >> reporter: so what we have here is a parade now, but also trick-or-treating for the kids all over the bare right? >> absolutely. yes. >> reporter: one word, all the businesses right? >> exactly. >> reporter: so the kids just walk up and yell trick-or-treat and there's a whole bowlful of candy for them? >> yes,. >> reporter: maybe 200, 250 kids? >> that sounds right. >> reporter: are you happy with the turnout? >> we did that last year as well. >> reporter: was sandy a concern at all? >> it was a little bit to be honest but it worked out great. >> reporter: yeah it did okay and coming back over here to look at all the kids again. i think that's a giraffe. what do we have down here? that's a little fireman. and there's the little dog, he looked like a hot dog with mustard on it. we're going to stay out here for a little while and see what else we can see. nick month sell lee, 9news now. >> okay nick we're dying over
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the hot dogs with the ketchup and the mustard. thank you for sharing with us. see you later. well, now the woman known as octo-mom is in rehab. a spokeswoman for nadya suleman says she's suffering from anxiety, exhaustion and stress, she's the mother of the longest surviving rock up thelesses and plus -- octuplets and six other children. that's 16. "tmz" reports she is dependent on xanax and anti-anxiety met case. up next a look at the mountains of snow that old sandy piled up right out to our west. top? >> hard to believe about 166 miles from here. let's talk about temperatures. for the trick-or-treaters. it's going to be in the 40s and low 50s right now temperatures are generally in the low 50s across the area. 53 downtown but 48 in gaithersburg and still 50 in leesburg and don't forget we're always on at stay withs, we'll be right back.
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sandy has snowed in some people in western maryland. garrett county has been blasted with snow since the superstorm started lashing the northeast and some areas 30 inches worth.
5:40 pm
more than 17,000 customers over half the population of garrett county have no electricity. they said like lower west virginia and i never dreamt we would get up over. that is crazy. >> we have a steep bank with trees that went down over lines that are really hard to get o so we can could be out for a couple of days. >> there's no estimate as to when it will be back for everybody even more snow fell in garrett county today. the folks in west virginia are also digging their way out of snow and in addition to that roads were blocked and as much as a foot of snow fell in the higher elevations. kids were home from school and you know what that means. kids, snow? good times for all. still ahead, the dark doesn't bother zombies particularly on halloween. we're going to take you to a local haunted house. >> but first, we've heard that virginia will be a battleground
5:41 pm
state next tuesday. you will meet some of the voters who could make a difference. >> you have a pressing insurance question? our sandy aftermath insurance help hotline is up and running through 6:30 tonight. give our experts a call. the number (202)895-5560. that's (202)895-5560.
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the wealthiest county in the whole nation when it comes to median household income is in the battleground state of virginia and political scientists say the candidate who wins the critical vote the places like loudoun county wins the election. andrea mccarren introduces us to a key element in the races the so-called panera mom. >> really? oh my gosh. >> i'm surprised that we are the ones who will be deciding. >> reporter: the panera mom is educated, has children, and is worried about can economy and you can find her across northern virginia. >> i think a lot of women are looking for humanitarian issues, and you know, abortion rights and things like that you be i personally am looking for more business issues and economy. >> reporter: they're women like virginia, mother of 6-year-old gigi. >> like everybody else i want her to be able to have social security and all the supports
5:45 pm
of the economy. i want our -- our country to be able to afford that. so we need to recover. >> i just want her to have you know, successful life. >> reporter: diane is concerned about health care. and the future for 7-year-old ann marie. >> i want her to be able to get a job and i want her to be able to buy a house and go to college. not -- struggle. >> reporter: it is the undecided panera mom that the candidates want and need. like zara, mother of 2-year-old yusef. >> i'm honest i'm a little bit confused right now. four years ago was obama. now we're still debating who will it be. >> reporterthis entire table of panera moms has already chosen their candidate and their decision is slight. >> the question now is which loudoun county will show up at the polls on election day? the one with conservative virginia roots or the newer economically and ethnically diverse ones? in ashburn, andrea mccarren,
5:46 pm
9news now. >> and of course we will have the returns all night long election night from loudoun county and every other county in our area. that's on tuesday, once the polls are closed. lesli? brad pitt is jumping into the debate to legalize same sex marriage in maryland. the actor is donating $100,000 to the human rights campaign to help it support same sex initiatives in several states that includes the ballot questions in maryland. as well as maine, minnesota, and washington state. couldn't have picked a better day for -- postsandy halloween. >> saying good-bye you know? >> it's a little spooky out there. it's cool but not cold so you know if the costume is light you'll need layers, if it's heavy you'll probably be comfortable. >> a couple of days it could have been different. >> i would have canceled. hard to believe by the way last week we were 84. >> i know thank you for that reminder again topper. >> a distant memory though isn't it? so much has happened in- between. let's start with the live look outside. it's our michael & son weather camera and we do have some
5:47 pm
clouds around. we had a few breaks in the clouds today. and as we go through the week we'll have more and more breaks and more and more sun but sandy is slow to let go of us i tell you just slowly pushable north. 53 right now. do you wants in the up -- dew points in the upper 30s and won't get crazy cold tonight. we are looking at the pressure, still rising. recovering ifly like the rest -- if you will like the rest of us. satellite picture and the radar combined you can still see the -- broad circulation. i mean the antisigh colonic circulation of this thing is ridiculous. bringing in moisture across new brunswick and nova scotia. still driving knows in our maintains in west virginia and also in western maryland. which will continue by the way through tonight and even into tomorrow. just a little bit tomorrow. the showers i think will remain west of town tonight. we'll keep the chance of a sprinkle in but i think for the most part, the trick-or-
5:48 pm
treaters will be dry. temperatures, well, 48 already in gaithersburg. 49 in bladensville. 50 bethesda and 53 college park and 50 fairfax and even 50 still in leesburg. so you know kind of a cool night to trick-or-treat. chilly we'll say and temperatures 46 to 52. a sprinkle possible and mainly dry for the morning commute and the kids will need a jacket in the morning. as will mom and dad. partly to mostly cloudy, breezy cold tonight maybe a shower or mountain snows continue. 36 to 42. winds west southwest 10 to 15. now tomorrow morning, becoming partly sunny, breezy and chilly. grab a jacket. 30s and40s. winds again from sandy west southwest 10 to 15. partly sunny rather in the afternoon, and breezy and cool and perhaps a shower. high temperatures again right around 55 and winds now westerly but still 10 to 15. all right, next three days we are green, green and green. and why not? breezy tomorrow, maybe a sprinkle 54.
5:49 pm
we can handle that. 55 on friday. partly cloudy. 52 on saturday. a bit cool but more sunshine. next seven days, lots going on. terps in town. should be fine for the game temperatures cool. and then we're looking at put your clocks back one hour, we gain an hour, so we go back to standard time. also, skins in town on sunday. not bad clouds come in after the game. maybe a shower late. better chance for showers on monday. right now election day will keep dry and cool and temperatures in the low 50s and maybe a sprinkle on wednesday but also low 50s. so no excuses from anybody to not vote on tuesday. >> none whatsoever. >> because the weather is going to cooperate. >> yes. >> no excuses for not watching the redskins but there's just no excuses [ laughter ] >> thanks topper. the rain from sandy flooded the practice fields at redskins park in ashburn. >> so the guys did what any other normal man would do. they went inside to prepare for the game sunday. >> kristen berset has a preview before the skins host the carolina panthers. hey kristin. >> reporter: the new bubble is coming in handy this season.
5:50 pm
that's for sure. after two weeks on the road the redskins head home for a mapup with last year's rookie of the year cam newton. now washington has a pretty good rookie of its own, rg3. 9 sports diane reports has more on the two -- roberts has more on the two quarterbacks and a little bit of fun from redskins' park for halloween. >> cam newton. >> when these two teams met last year players say they underestimated what newton could do. the guy on the way to rookie of the year led his team to a 33- 20 win over the skins. >> cam newton has a touchdown. >> this year, robert griffin iii will be leading the charge for washington. with hopes for a different outcome. pliers know the outside -- players know the outside world compare and contrast them. >> they're both extremely talented players and cam is bigger than robert you know. cam is about 6'5" so about 250. that's the contrast i guess you could say is the size.
5:51 pm
i'm biased and i think robert is the better quarterback in my yays. >> they have similarities and they're definitely two different types of players. [ laughter ] >> besides comparisons between cam and rg3, talk inside redskins' park today surrounded halloween. >> my mom made me a brontosaurus papier-mache dinosaur outfit when i was little and that was pretty cool. that was pretty extensive. >> you wore that? >> yeah, i was like -- 6 or 7. >> you just got mad scaring people and put it on and went out and threw eggs and stuff like that you know? >> so you were about tricks not treats. >> yeah, i was definitely about tricks. >> hopefully the trick will be on cam newton and his panthers. while the treat will be for the rg3-led redskins. a week 9 win. for 9 sports, i'm diane roberts. >> reporter: thanks diane. i'm curious to see what they will be tonight. several of the placers their family live in the northeast
5:52 pm
and were affected by sandy. plus the storm is causing scheduling issues for mls playoffs, i'll have updates coming up in about 30 minutes. lesli? still ahead tonight some dramatic video of people being rescued in the aftermath of sandy. >> but first a health alert before you get all dressed up in your halloween's scare west when we come back -- scariest when we come back.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
so is your's tom ready for tonight? -- your costume ready for tonight? we have a halloween warning from the fda about the decorative or fashion contact lenses, they look cool and creepy but they're actually illegal if purchased outside of a doctor's office. the reason the fda says the contacts can be dangerous. because of the way they fit. some of the risks include conjunctionitis or pink eye. you can scratch the corn that, the covering -- cornea, the covering of the eye incredibly painful. the bacteria rapidly invade the eye and vision can be lost and
5:56 pm
severe cases can result in permanent blendness. >> we do know the use of decorative contact lenses in one study increased the risk 16 times. many of the unsafe lenses come through online or perhaps said service stations, gas stations or beauty shops or other similar places. >> since 2005 all contact lenses in the u.s. must be sold as medical devices meaning they are only sold by prescription anything else is illegal. >> wow. lots of scary ghosts and goblins around this time of year but you may want to take small kids out of the room for this next story. >> that's because if you like being completely freaked out. our monika samtani says the urban haunted house is the place for you. >> reporter: enter if you dare
5:57 pm
through bloody hall ways greeted by creepy gruesome zombies. actually, they're just local actors, 80 of them in fact with a flare for the scare. and i got a chance to experience the makeup process of becoming a zombie and well, looking dead. oh my god. no way. that is so scary. >> we try to make a walking dead kind of zombie, you want more of a pale not so groan more rotted zombie with a lot of blood because it's just so gory. >> reporter: in other words, a more fresh zombie style. chi lee manages a team of five makeup artists who transforming the actors into spooky scary zombies in under two hours. >> we want to make this a scary haunted house scarier than any that we've been to. >> reporter: the reaction of
5:58 pm
visitors -- yeah, you get the picture. >> our zombies were just killed. >> okay. that's pretty scary. >> more than 1 now people a -- 1,000 people a night go through the huge space in rockville and the staff -- i mean the zombies apparently make it worth the experience that's that's what monika says. and it is metro accessible and it's open every night through november 3rd. the tickets are $30. parking restrictions are in effect for the zombies among you that may head out to georgetown for what's typically a pretty bow it's turnout -- robust turn out on halloween. no streets are scheduled to close but there are rhetorics in effect along k street and water street and wisconsin avenue, m. street, 26th street and thomas jefferson street. now those restrictions though will be lifted tomorrow morning
5:59 pm
at 6:00. and we have plenty of pictures of you in your halloween costumes at our website, you can take a look or submit your own pictures just by logging on. and tonight, we are just six days away from wrapping up this whole campaign 2012. and viewers all across the area have been receiving a slew of text messages criticizing the president and urging people not to vote for him. andrea mccarren shows us what she dug up. >> reporter: we were able to trace a multitude of domain names to a northern virginia man, here's what happened when we visited his office this afternoon in centerville. just who we're looking for. >> sorry, no no. jason? can we talk about what you're doing? >> reporter: wage caught a glimpse of jason flannery in a stairwell doorway but enough to know we found the right guy. this guy, an unsuccessful republican candidate for


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